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Latest Information: 01 July 2002: Some bug fixes.
Hi Everyone! I am really sorry for the long gap. You could say that laziness was one of the factors. Some more reasons for me to be away was the fact that I was not in the country and I didn't have access to my machine at work.

Now I have a new computer at home :), it rocks at the moment, AMD XP 1800+, 40GB HDD, 256MB DDR, GE Force 3...etc, so now I have the opportunity to devote more time to development after 00:00. Spent a fortune on it.
BTW, my sound card is not the best out there, it is a C-Media onboard card. I know it supports EAX because it comes with an editor that provides EAX support, but I have tried to use the demos that comes with the Creative EAX installation and it says that there is no EAX 2.0 support. Yes! I do not know the version that comes with my sound card, so does anyone know how to find out the version? I checked the DLLs that come with the driver and there are function that support EAX, but the version is not given.
One more thing, does anyone know how to make the C-Media card work with Linux with RH Linux 7.1, when I run the sound configuration utility, it asks me to disable the PnP detect in the BIOS. I have checked the BIOS (Award) and cannot find anything like that. So I cannot test OpenAL in Linux for the moment.

Anyone out there knows how to keep a 14 month old girl child away from the computer. She wants to play Black & White especially when the ape is the monster. She also loves the Microsoft Office assistants (Good job MS! Catch 'em young works), Lynx the cat and Rocky the dog. I also want to keep my wife away, she plays Rollercoaster Tycoon :) I wish to make a game like that someday.

Okay! coming to the real stuff.

I have some updates. There were some bugs in the Eax.pas file and I have modified the TALBoolean type to byte and not boolean. This irons out most of the compatibility problems
I am on the verge of posting a tutorial, but it became too complex for a tutorial and now I am breaking it down to the very basics, I hope to get it out soon.
I have not updated the demos, so you will probably have to modify them.
Very Old info
I am not associated to the Aerospace Industry anymore. I donot do any research work in the aerospace industry. I love research, but in the country that I work, I get peanuts and for peanuts, let them look for monkeys.
I am currently working on the translation of the OpenAL header files from C/C++ to Delphi. I do plan to support Kylix and Free Pascal in the near future.

Oh! You can also download the standard editions of Delphi and Kylix from Borland. You can also download a free C++ compiler.
06 December 2001: Kylix version, untested.
This version compiles with Kylix 2.0 and Linux (RedHat 7.1 Seawolf). I don't have the time at the moment to develop a test application coz my daughter is seriously ill and I spend most of my free time with her.
If someone is interested in developing a test application for the port please contact me.
The zip file contains only pas files. For the linux .so file, please visit OpenAL. I am not sure if the binary file is available, but you can get the source and compile it. The instructions for compiling the source are there in the readme files.
Sorry for the delay in getting a complete/incomplete version of the port. I just can't seem to find the time.
13 November 2001: Site down! Overload :)
Hi Everyone! Thanks a lot for showing interest in Delphi and OpenAL.
-=Long live the Pythia=-
-=Long live Godess Athena=-
-=Long live the DarkTemplar of Delphi=-
-=Long live Free APIs=-
-=Long live Borland=-
This is just a flash information that my traffic bandwith has exceeded the limits at because my account is a "Freebie" account. If anyone could help me with freebie hosting, please do mail ( me some information. I am sorry, but I cannot afford to have a non-freebie site. I come from a third world country and the amount in USD when converted to my local currency is just too much.
07 November 2001: Broken links fixed.
I have updated the broken links. You can get the huge zip files fromhere
I haven't had much time to work on the OpenAL+OpenGL port coz my family is now with me and my little baby Kathrine is quite a handfull.
20 October 2001: New Demo Added
I have added a new demo called "OpenALConsole". It is a direct port of the demo that is included in the OpenAL SDK. I hope it helps in the basic understanding OpenAL.
I will soon include a demo which uses both OpenAL and OpenGL but this may take some time. You can download the latest translations from here
This is a huge file containing the sound files, runtime DLL. If you donot want to download the huge zip file, go to my OpenAL page, you can get a split up of the contents.
17 October 2001: EAX2 extentions and bugs fixed.
I have added EAX2.0 extentions for OpenAL and added a missing file and fixed some bugs. There is also a small demo in the zip file. I will soon work on X-Platform support (Free-BSD, Linux, MacOS, etc). You can download the latest translations from here
12 October 2001: Help
I need some help in creating, testing and correcting the translations. Please contact me. You can download the translations from here
11 October 2001: Help wanted.
I need some help with the translation of the C++ header files as I have lost my previous work in a computer crash.

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