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OpenAL Page

OpenAL, the Open Audio Library, is a joint effort to create an open, vendor-neutral, cross-platform API for interactive, primarily spatialized audio. OpenAL's primary audience are application developers and desktop users that rely on portable standards like OpenGL, for games and other multimedia applications.
My effort here is to popularize the use of OpenAL and OpenGL with Delphi and Kylix.


Name Release date Size (KB)
Updated, bugs fixed 01 Jul 2002 49
X-Platform translations (not tested and only pas files) 06 Dec 2001 60
Delphi(pascal) translations with runtimes and sound samples 20 Oct 2001 3260
Delphi OpenAL demos 20 Oct 2001 12
Sound samples 20 Oct 2001 3097
Runtimes (OpenAL DLLs) 20 Oct 2001 104
Delphi(pascal) translations only 20 Oct 2001 48
Delphi(pascal) translations only 17 Oct 2001 ~40
Delphi(pascal) translations only 12 Oct 2001 ~30

Tutorials and Articles

Contact me if you want to submit some tutorials or ariticles on OpenAL with any language.
I will provide some tutorials when I have the time to make them.
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Last modified on 15 November 2001.